Mindful Crafting - group class:

Elevate your creative skills with a variety of techniques, tools and mediums! We will create upcycled, sustainable and nature inspired crafts that promote mindfulness, mental well-being, creative thinking, wildlife preservation, sustainability and activism. You can keep or display your amazing creations with pride, gift them to a loved one or learn how to turn your new passion into profit!

Group class: 1hr 45 min. - $55-$135pp.

(varies upon project, materials and sessions)

-1:1 private class -$75- come to you! $100.


Whole Food Recipes - group class:

Learn how to make nutrient-dense, delicious recipes that nourish your body. You will learn healthier versions of some of your favorite recipes, learn about the benefits of whole food eating and the ingredients we use, kitchen safeguards, label literacy, shopping on a budget and more! We will also focus on delicious fresh juicing, smoothies and how certain foods can either aid or disrupt your mind body and spirit.

- 1hr. 30 min.- $75 pp.

-1:1 private class- $90 includes personalized DIY recipe book, all materials and tools needed.


Rhythm-Energy & Motion group class:

This class incorporates a variety of movement modalities such as: sensory yoga, chair assisted yoga, Rhythm & motion and restorative yoga.

-Sensory Yoga: learn yoga poses, principles, practices and how to get intuned with and manage your sensory needs. This engaging, interactive practice will help you cultivate self-awareness, self-regulation, focus, mental ease and physical flexibility, strength, balance.

-Chair Assisted Yoga: enjoy the benefits of yoga with the support of a chair, suitable for all ages, levels and abilities.

-Rhythm & Energy in Motion: move your body to the rhythm of the music. Learn and explore your body's thoughts, tension, relaxation, chakras, energy, creativity and movement while you move into alignment in this unique, multi-sensory experience!

1 hr. 15 min. Class- $75

includes- Rhythm and movement, sensory yoga, breath, energy & meditation work and a personal habit & well-being journal.

- 1:1 private workshop: 1hr 45 min. - $175

Tailored to you- in addition learn about yoga principles, the attitude of gratitude, being in the present, chakra, breath and energy work, the benefits of essential oils, your own self-decorated wellness journal, 1:1 guidance, printed lessons and and positive affirmations.

All - Inclusive mini Workshop: 2 hrs $199pp.

Includes: 1 of our 2 signature classes- Mindful Crafting -or- Whole Foods Recipes and our inclusive movement class Rhythm & Energy in Motion, breath work, personal habit and well-being journal, handouts positive affirmations, snack and beverages.


Half day, all-inclusive, retreat-style workshops available!

Perfect for parents, caregivers or a great day out with friends & family!

3 hrs. $235pp. Groups of 6 or more save $25 pp and host gets 50% off!


Whole Food Recipes -Juicing class or Mindful crafting, Rhythm Energy & movement, complimentary mini session of Reiki or reflexology session, appetizers and beverages.