All Inclusive Creative Flow Workshops

Sign up for our informative, fun-filled, all inclusive workshops and let us help you find your Creative Flow!


Our retreat-style workshops are perfect for a fun day out with your partner, family or friends!

We will provide you with a unique experience with supportive instruction and interactive fun! We offer an array of classes including “Mindful crafting” which incorporates sustainable DIY projects you will be proud to display and “Whole food recipes” where you will learn how to make healthier versions of some of your favorite foods! In addition, you will enjoy our uplifting Rhythm & movement class we call “E-“motion” where you will learn more about energy, chakras and breath work followed by a mini session of reiki with essential oils (optional) or reflexology!
You will leave with renewed energy, our recipe, your beautiful project and a great experience to remember!

Our workshops are far from typical. My multisensory approach helps to release “feel good chemicals” and helps to improve focus, self-care, mental clarity, self-regulation, practical life skills, self-awareness, creativity, and overall mental, physical and spiritual well-being and balance.

Please view our 8 Pillars of wellness to get a better idea of how we can help you flow.

All Inclusive, Retreat-style Workshops:

  • Complimentary food and beverage.
  • Group rates are available for parties of 4 or more, upon request!

Please note:

Participants are typically 18 and older. Anyone who requires extra supervision or support MUST be accompanied by an adult, drop offs are not permitted. All Participants must sign a simple participation code of conduct agreement as we are an all-inclusive business that requires respect and kindness between ALL attendees. Please confirm you have read & agree to this bolded code of conduct statement above when booking. Furthermore, a safety waiver must be signed by you or a guardian prior to attending all classes, workshops and events. These workshops and classes incorporate tools that require more care and attention (mindfulness) for safety purposes and a liability waiver, much like any other studio, fitness activity or sport is required. It will be emailed to you.

Both agreement & waiver MUST be signed by attendee and/or guardian and emailed back to us AT LEAST 4 days prior to your class or workshop. We can’t WAIT to meet you and have a blast together!
“The more you know, the more you flow.”

our mini workshops are very similar to our retreat style workshop in structure and involvement, with a shorter event time and additional support

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