8 Pillars of Holistic Wellness


    Understanding and developing healthy relationships, social acceptance, contribution, community and advocacy and being part of a community with like-minded people.


    The ability to maintain healthy quality of life that allows us to get the most out of our daily activities without exertion or stress. Ex. We use Rhythm and intuitive movement, sensory and chair yoga that promote physical and mental wellness and flexibility and incorporate “whole food, nutrient dense recipes in Fresh juicing, smoothies, simple snacks and desserts.


    Demonstrating the ability to problem solve, be open to new concepts, become more aware, ask questions about we what we are unsure of to increase knowledge and skills. Our workshops are not only fun and creative but informative as well. We provide an abundance of information and trivia in holistic and environmental wellness and sustainability that promotes creative- thinking and growth.


    The development of optimism, self -esteem, self-love, compassion, integrity and acceptance. Positive mindset and affirmations.


    By engaging in work, volunteering in organizations and academic endeavors that provide personal satisfaction and enrichment that are consistent with your values, goals and lifestyle. Our mission is to provide internships and employment opportunities for people with disabilities.


    Recognizing the importance of maintaining a healthy planet, environment and eco system and how our environment directly impacts our mental wellness. Our Sustainable DIY projects not only add beauty to our homes they also promote wildlife and marine life preservation and teach advocacy,


    Finding purpose, meaning and understanding of something greater than oneself, oneness, mindfulness practices, meditation and environmental/wildlife activism, gratitude, grace and release of ego.


    Learning ways to build income, budget, save, make groceries last longer, and learning how to make and sell your own creations at craft fairs.