Mini Workshops

Creative Flow offers “Mini Workshops” & “Classes” for adults of all ages and abilities!


Our Mini Workshops are a very similar to our All – Inclusive Creative Flow Workshops. They incorporate 1 of our 2 main components of our All – Inclusive Creative Flow Workshops.
“Mindful Crafting” OR “Whole Food Recipes” are the main components to these mini workshops…. but there’s more!

  • “Mindful crafting”: This informative class will help you elevate your creative skills with a variety of techniques, tools and mediums! We will help you Create upcycled, sustainable, and nature-inspired crafts that promote mindfulness, wildlife preservation, sustainability, and activism. You can display your creations with pride, gift them to a loved one or learn to turn you passion into profit!
  • “Whole food recipes”: Learn how to make nutrient-dense, delicious recipes that nourish your body. You will learn healthier versions of some of your favorite foods! Learn about the benefits of whole food eating and the ingredients we use, kitchen safeguards, label literacy, shopping on a budget and more! We will also focus on delicious fresh juicing, smoothies and how certain foods can either aide or disrupt your body mind and spirit.

In addition, you get at least 1 of our movement modalities below!

  • Sensory yoga: Learn poses, principles, practices and how to get intuned to your sensory needs with this engaging, interactive and effective practice that helps to cultivate self- awareness, self- regulation, integrity, mental & physical flexibility, strengthening, balance and a peaceful engagement.
  • Chair assisted Yoga: yoga with the support of a chair, suitable for all ages, levels and abilities.
  • Rhythm and movement: Move your body to the rhythm of the music. Learn and explore your bodies tension and relaxation, chakras, energy, creativity and movement while you move into alignment in this unique, multi-sensory experience!
  • Our Mini-Workshops end with a breath work session, gratitude meditation and positive affirmations.
  • Each week will be a different theme/topic. Flyers will be posted on our our “Event Calendar” at least 2 weeks prior.
  • Mini Workshops: 2 hrs. $198 pp.
  • Pricing on classes and workshops are all inclusive.

Check out our event calendar to see up coming events or Contact us to book your own!