Creative Flow is a unique mindfulness exercise and an intentional collaboration of creativity and holistic self-care practices. Our interactive, multi-sensory approach helps to promote mental, physical, spiritual and environmental well-being.



In 2013, I was a single mom of a 14-year-old son living with Autism, OCD and Chronic Anxiety. One night I encouraged him in prayer and as he did, he proclaimed his gratitude for pizza and his friends. But he had none outside of school and my heart sank.

I realized many of his classmates probably felt the same way so I created a social group that would provide my son and his peers the ability to form true, lasting friendships for years to come.

Luckily, I am a lifelong crafter and I turned toward Upcycling to make my own decorations, games and crafts with boxes, jars, bottles and even made my own clay.

Whatever it took to keep this free for them and affordable for me on my very modest salary as a single mom.

I quickly realized that these Upcycled projects were also providing me with much needed time for myself! It allowed me to be present, clear minded and stress-free! I realize now that this organically became a mindfulness practice and a tool.

Years later I studied and became a Certified Sensory Yoga Teacher and Reiki II practitioner, mainly to help my son and boy does it ever! I fell in love with the principals and practices of yoga, particularly Ahimsa and developed a creative approach to capture my son’s interest and maintain consistency.

Since then, my son and I regularly practice and LOVE mindfulness, meditation, and Upcycling as it has made a HUGE difference in our ability to self-regulate, be more present and enjoy a more peaceful and clear-headed reality. My multisensory approach made this practice calming, fun and like nothing I’ve ever seen. I realized I had to share this with everyone!

In 2019 my son and I shared some of our Upcycled creations on social media and I was blown away by the number of comments and requests people made to purchase them. We started in October and by February 2020 we registered our own small home-based business. As a way to keep my son active in this endeavor and help him gain job skills. He precut fabric, tagged, bagged, delivered and even shipped our creations around the states! Though I was excited to see the amount of interest our crafts were getting, I simply couldn't keep up with the orders on my own. I decided to let customers know I was no longer taking orders, but I was contemplating online tutorials, and the interest was overwhelming!